Theory 11 - Melissa and Cece witnessed Jason attacking the other girl (twin or not)

Following my theory #10 (It was the girl in the grave fighting with someone that night), I am now theorizing on who attacked that other girl.


I think Jason might have been the one hitting “that girl”:

  • He was drunk/high and doesn’t remember most of what happened that night. How convenient?
  • Writers want to make us believe that Melissa attacked the girl (thinking it was Alison) and that Jason attacked Ali. But that’s just the beginning of the season, and nothing is ever as it seems in PLL.
  • He is Peter Hastings’ son – this would explain why Mr Hastings would not want Melissa to spill the beans.
  • Melissa is now feeling guilty – she had no problem covering up for Jason when she thought it was Alison in the grave because she hated her. Now that she knows it isn’t, she feels extremely guilty for keeping that from the police.

Here is my reasoning on what happened that night (the sequence of events is quite important, it might explain why the other girl was absent from Alison’s tale in the season 4 finale):

1) Byron sees Melissa talking on the phone with Cece

Melissa and Cece knew each other from Cape May. I believe it was Cece that Melissa was calling on Ali’s porch – she wanted Cece to convince Alison to give up the NAT videos.


Note that they inserted the Byron scene in 4x24 even though it added NOTHING to the story. I think the only thing that had changed from the 3x16 flashback is the ending – the camera is zooming on the tools in Ali’s backyard.


I think the writers wanted to let us know that there were plenty of possible murder weapons in Ali’s backyard. Spencer dragging another shovel in 4x24 might just be meant to throw us off. (See PLLcrazyness’ theory here for more shovel clues)

2) Jenna and Garrett went out and met Alison


In the meantime, Cece arrives at Ali’s.

3) Alison goes back to the barn


4) Cece and Melissa talk in Ali’s backyard


Jason saw Melissa and Cece talking the night of Alison’s disappearance.

5) The other girl arrives and the fight takes place


In the latest episodes, Cece and Melissa both claim they know something about the death of “that girl”. I personally believe that the fight happened in Ali’s backyard, right after Jason saw Melissa and Cece talking.

Cece and Melissa were still together when the girl arrived and they witnessed her fighting with Jason. Jason was drunk/high, took a shovel and hit the girl (thinking it was Cece? Or Ali? Because of the NAT videos?).

Cece stayed, Melissa probably fled – this is why she still thinks it was Alison and Cece knows it wasn’t. Mrs D was looking by the window when this happened and paid Cece not to tell anything.

6) Ali comes back to the house and gets hit in the head


Note that she comes home by the frontyard. If we believe her story, she has no idea what is happening in her backyard at that time. The other girl might have been attacked moments before. But remember, she doesn’t die from the shovel blow but is buried alive. If the girl is a twin from the Dilaurentis family, she could even have been the one hitting Ali. Although the attacker is coming from behind, meaning the Hastings property. Hmmm.

Now who is this other girl and why was she there?

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